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Episode 43 - Rae Of Sunshine
Take a Pain Check

Episode 43 - Rae Of Sunshine

Dr. Rae Yeung started off her education journey dreaming to be pilot or an astronaut. But she realized quickly, that she had a passion for medicine, children, and rheumatology. The conversation on this week’s podcast episode starts off with a timeline of Dr. Yeung’s journey on becoming a pediatric rheumatologist and a researcher. Dr. Yeung talks about her primary research interest - precision medicine and specifically how this will be able to treat patients on an individualized level based on genes. Furthermore, she clarifies the availability of genetic testing (clinical vs research) for patients. Natasha and Dr. Yeung provide their perspectives on COVID-19 specifically: in person versus virtual visits, the effects and shortages of medications used for both COVID-19 and arthritis, the effectiveness and fears of being on immunosuppressive drugs, and finally the similarities and difference with your immune system with COVID vs arthritis. The discussion progresses into talking about Kawasaki disease, and it’s symptoms that may in fact be COVID-19 related. Lastly, the episode ends off with Dr. Yeung expressing her knowledge of what the future of rheumatology looks like including two major research projects she founded - UCAN CAN-DU and UCAN CURE. Dr. Rae Yeung's initiatives: https://twitter.com/ucancandu https://twitter.com/SickKidsNews https://twitter.com/CAPRI_Canada https://www.ucancandu.com/ Dr. Rae Yeung's Lab - https://lab.research.sickkids.ca/yeung/ Check out our socials: Website: https://www.takeapaincheck.ca/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/takeapainch... Twitter: https://twitter.com/takeapaincheck​​​ Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@takeapaincheck Growing Pains, Copyright, 2018, Alessia Cara #research #genome #COVID19 #juvenilearthritis #kawasakidisease #genetics #precisionmedicine #rheumatology #future #pediatrics #medicalschool #collaboration #UCAN