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Conferences and Events

Take a Pain Check Foundation has attended and contributed to a variety of conferences and events. Here we highlight some of our accomplishments, and our communities accomplishments. 

ACR Convergence

American College of Rheumatology 2023

Take a look at our abstract "Voices Unheard: Unmasking the Hidden Challenges of Youths with Rheumatic Diseases"

CPS Annual Scientific Meeting

Canadian Pain Society 2024

Alongside the Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance (CAPA) and OttawaU researchers, we presented "Where do we go from here? Exploring pain and mental health for youth with
rheumatic diseases". In our session, we discussed important topics around mental health and rheumatic conditions, the CPS book of Abstracts elaborates on our presentation.

CRA & AHPA Annual Scientific Meeting

Canadian Rheumatology Association & Arthritis Health Professions Association 2024

Childhood Arthritis & Beyond Conference

Ucan Cure & Cassie and Friends 2024

Community Fellowship Recipients

McMaster University 2023-2024

This Fellowship allowed us to continue the Make Rheum for Youth project. Through this Fellowship, we created a Youth Committee who created infographics to spread information, tips and tricks, and provide support for young people with rheumatic conditions. 

Interested in our past? 
Check out our past events here.

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