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About Us

Take a Pain Check was launched as a podcast in March 2021 by Natasha Trehan. Natasha was diagnosed at the age of 13 with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, and is currently studying Transitional and Molecular Medicine at the University of Ottawa. As a teenager, she felt alone and was unable to find resources to connect with other people with similar lived experiences. After joining a support group 2 years into her journey, and meeting tons of other youth, The Take a Pain Check Podcast was born to ensure that young patients feel supported in every step of the way. 


Soon after the podcast launched, a community was built and we became Take a Pain Check Foundation in October 2021. Take a Pain Check Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to the mission and vision of supporting youth and young adults with rheumatic diseases through social media, initiatives, advocacy, and raising awareness. Natasha hosts podcasts every other Sunday with different guests, engaging in conversations about chronic illness, relationships, accomplishments, lifestyle, and much more. There is a wide range of guest speakers, including those living with rheumatic diseases, parents, friends, researchers, health professionals, and individuals who are making a difference in the rheumatic community. Take a Pain Check is currently changing the lives of individuals impacted with rheumatic diseases by creating a safe community. The goal is to empower youth to advocate for themselves, and to create a place where they feel understood.

Natasha Trehan headshot

Natasha Trehan

Founder, Executive Director

Our Mission:  

Take a Pain Check aims to empower youth and young adults impacted by rheumatic disease to advocate for themselves and to create a supportive, safe, and inclusive community where individuals feel understood.

Our Vision:

Through this youth led initiative our vision is that all youth and young adults feel supported in their journey with rheumatic illness.

Meet the Team

Our amazing volunteers that work behind the scenes to keep the podcast and organization running smoothly!

Management Team


Brianne Chou

Director of Operations

Isabel Dukes.jpg

Isabel Dukes

Director of IT and Organizational Design

Alex Cavanagh.png

Alex Cavanagh

Non-Profit Board Consultant

Francisca Dussailant.png

Francisca Dussailant

Non-Profit Board Consultant

Prima Duttaa.png

Prima Duttaa

Director of Human Resources 

Stephanie Español.jpg

Stephanie Español

Human Resources Coordinator

Yenna Kwon.jpg

Yenna Kwon

Human Resources Coordinator

Executive Team

Klaudia Ivancic.png

Klaudia Ivancic

Global Development


Aadam Lakani.png

Aadam Lakani

Finance Coordinator

Gabrielle Sraka .png

Gabrielle Sraka

Youth & Young Adult

Ambassador Coordinator 

Kriston Seward.jpeg

Kriston Seward

Youth Board Coordinator


Cassidy Bradley

Health Care Professional Ambassador Coordinator

Nikhil Trehan_edited.jpg

Nikhil Trehan

Partnerships Coordinator

Favicon (Tab Logo) 04_2024.png

Navneet Lakhan

Outreach and Events Coordinator

Nimra Tariq .png

Nimra Tariq

Content Writer

Kiyanna Malcolm.png

Kiyanna Malcolm

Marketing Coordinator

Laura Kang.jpg

Laura Kang

Marketing Coordinator

Favicon (Tab Logo) 04_2024.png

Emshaal Fatima

Marketing Coordinator

Our Ambassador Teams

Our Advisory Boards

Our Sponsors


Our Collaborators

CAPA Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance, Pain Canada, Pain BC, Skip solutions for kids in pain, The Choice Research Lab, AHPA Arthritis Health Professions Association, ARC Arthritis Research Canada, Arthritis Society Canada

Where in The World is Our Team?

Check out where our team is located on the map below!

Where the take a pain check team lives, including Canada, the USA, Romania, and Australia
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