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Are you tired of feeling like your voice isn't heard in the rheumatic disease community? Do you want to connect with others who understand what you're going through and offer guidance on navigating life with a rheumatic condition? Our platform is the perfect place for you to share your experiences and insights. Whether you want to discuss your relationship with arthritis or delve into niche topics that are often overlooked, we welcome your contributions. So don't hesitate - submit a blog today and join our supportive community. Need some inspiration? Check out our blog page for a wealth of stories, perspectives, and resources.


Finding Disability Joy Through Camp

If I were to sum up The Painted Turtle, a camp for kids with serious medical conditions, in a word, it would be joy. After two summers...

Trying to Fit in Wherever You Can

When you have a disease and/or get diagnosed with something rare, you immediately enter a new unknown world and stop being like ‘everyone...

First in the Family

I started to experience pains in my feet and legs at around 12. Doctors kept telling me “ that it's just growing pains, “it’ll go away”....

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