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Take A Pain Check Foundation: Impacting our community faster than our inflamation

Our Mission

Take a Pain Check Foundation (TAPC) is on a mission to empower youth and young adults with rheumatic disease. Originally started as a podcast, the TAPC Foundation has grown into a strong community of volunteers and ambassadors. 

Map of the 200+ countries TAPC has impacted, including; United States Canada United Kingdom India South Africa Australia Germany Philippines Netherlands Indonesia Poland Malaysia Sweden Italy Mexico Ireland France Brazil New Zealand and many more
Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

 Joint Chat Rheum

Fostering connections and building a strong community among youth and young adults diagnosed with rheumatic diseases.

Latest Podcast Episodes

Latest Opportunities

April 2024 JCR square.png
Apply to be a podcast guest, click this image to learn more.







Support the podcast by wearing the very latest Essentials & Podcast Merch! Feel free to send us a picture of you with your merch to join our collection! Use #takeapaincheck to help us raise awareness.
Photos of our merch! Including a t-shirt and hat with our logo, and a tote bag and phone case with the phrase "take a pain check, sleep, advocate, podcast, repeat, take a pain check"
Image of lots of our community members at our events and wearing our merch!
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