what is TAPC?

Take a Pain Check Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Natasha Trehan. Natasha hosts podcasts every other Sunday with guests engaging them in conversations about their chronic illness, their relationships, accomplishments, lifestyle, and much more. Guest speakers range from those living with rheumatic diseases, parents, friends, researchers, health professionals, and individuals who are making a difference in the rheumatic community. Take a Pain Check is currently changing the lives of individuals impacted with rheumatic diseases by creating a safe community. The goal is to empower youth to advocate for themselves, and to create a place where they feel understood.


Take a Pain Check’s aims to empower youth and young adults impacted by rheumatic disease to advocate for themselves and to create a supportive, safe, and inclusive community where individuals feel understood.


Through this youth led initiative our vision is that all youth and young adults feel supported in their journey with rheumatic illness.

Take a Pain Check is now a part of Patreon, a membership platform that runs a subscription where you can get exclusive benefits! We are asking you to help support Take a Pain Check. We are a non-profit that relies on growth and maintenance from all of you! If everyone reading subscribes today, we can continue to thrive for years. We want to keep this resource for youth and young adults living with arthritis free forever.

If you want to get involved, make sure to check out the different tiers that you can take part in.

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