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Podcast airing every other Sunday at 12pm EST



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WORD Day 2023

WORD Day is around the corner, and TAPC is excited to release our #LightItBlue campaign for World Youth with Rheumatic Disease Day. Check out our resources below!

TAPC Loyalty Program

Take a Pain Check is excited to release an official TAPC Loyalty Program to their community.

The purpose of this is to have members of the community have some fun and engage in meaningful and rewarding initiatives.

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On this week’s episode on Take a Pain Check, Jacqueline and Alexa Child come on the podcast to talk about their own personal experience of living with a chronic illness and being a sister of someone who has a chronic illness, respectively. Jacqueline starts off by discussing her diagnosis journey with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and other chronic illnesses. She talks about bad joint and muscle pain, having a butterfly rash, experiencing sensitivity to the sun, and dealing with GI symptoms that led her to seek help from a medical professional. On the other hand, Alexa discusses how she was 3000 miles away for law school, and she started off not really understanding what Jacqueline was dealing with. But once she truly learned more about it, it changed her as a person and gave her a unique perspective. Growing up in Telluride, a ski resort, there were no hospitals nearby and no specialist nearby so Jacqueline discusses her access to care barriers. Alexa and Jacqueline discuss their lives’ living together and how they became more mature than others around them as they had different lived experiences. Jacqueline talks about the difficulties being honest with Alexa about her symptoms as it’s hard a challenge to ask for help. Moreover, Jacqueline talks about her heart surgery after being born with a congenital heart defect at age 25. They end off the episode by talking about Dateability, a dating app for the chronically ill and disabled. Dateability was made based on the lived experiences of Jacqueline’s dating life and constant rejections. They talk about how the app works, their future goals for the app and how they hope to connect this ever growing community.




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