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Chronic Illness TAPC Special with Natasha


Natasha talks about her journey with JIA and Chronic Illness in this podcast with Crohn's & Autism Awareness Advocate
Natasha also talks about her secret interest! Singing!
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The Public Engagement in
Health Policy Project

TAPC is involved with Public Engagement and health policy as the organization aims to support rheumatic disease communities and creative innovation projects


Public Engagement in Health Policy (PEHP) Project announces Community Fellowship recipients to build capacity for innovative engagement-related activities

Arthritis Research Canada

Natasha shares her story of her diagnosis of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) at age 13 which changed her life and set her on a path she never imagined. She thought arthritis is only for old people, but kids get it too.

image: Arthritis Research Canada: Natasha Trehan: Kids Also Have Arthritis article preview

Joint Health - Arthritis at Home

Natasha gets featured at an Episode of Arthritis At Home, she shares her juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) disease journey and what she is doing to advocate and help those living with JIA. 
Listen to her at:

More episodes can be found out at

Power Over Pain Portal

Take a Pain Check is now on the Power over Pain Portal !
The Power Over Pain Portal provides you with access to a range of free resources, courses, and peer support. You are not alone on your journey to cope with pain – there is hope.
Visit them at

Take a Pain Check is an official resource on the UCAN CAN-DU app!

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Shared Decision Making

Published by The Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance, Take a Pain Check Foundation and The Choice Reseach Lab 



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Take a Pain Check featured in SickKids Hospital's News Rheum

Published by:

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Watch our episode in conversation with the Sickboy podcast!

Putting the Pieces Back Together - Sickboy Episode

Watch our CBC produced documentary here!

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What it's like to be diagnosed with arthritis at 13

Published by:

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TAPC on CBC Ottawa Morning

Published by: CBC Ottawa Morning

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Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 18.42.53.png

What it's like to be diagnosed with arthritis at 13

Published by: UCan Can-Du

Markham teen’s viral TikTok podcasts describe life with arthritis

Published by:


Take a Pain Check - Creating a Community for Youth with Arthritis

Published by: Arthritis Research Canada

Bullying and Arthritis: We Need to Talk About It

Published by: Arthritis Research Canada

“Our Arthritis May Be Chronic but We Are Definitely Iconic” 

Published by: The American College of Rheumatology

Making History With the UPLiFT Conference: We're Off to a Great Start!

2021 Youth Leader Award

New York Fashion Week Video

Tumbler and Tipsy by Michael Kuluva
Spring/Summer 2022 Collection Ft. Natasha T

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