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Advisory Boards

Medical Advisory Board

appleton_tapc - Tom Appleton.jpg

Dr. Tom Appleton

Adult Rheumatologist 

Ontario, Canada

Dr. Jonathan Park.png

Dr. Jonathan Park

Pediatric Rheumatologist

Ontario, Canada

Dr. Peter Chira .png

Dr. Peter Chira 

Pediatric Rheumatologist

Utah, USA

Dr. Audrea Chen.png

Dr. Audrea Chen

Rheumatology Fellow

Ontario, Canada

AllisonReidHeadshot_013 - Allison Reid.jpg

Dr. Allison Reid


Nova Scotia, Canada

Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 3_37_47 PM.png

Laurie Proulx

Patient Perspective

Ontario, Canada

Dr. Karine Toupin April.png

Dr. Karine Toupin April

Occupational Therapist

Ontario, Canada

Youth Lived Experience
Advisory Board


Isabella Boles

Board Advisor

Mackenzie Wilke.png

Mackenzie Wilke

Board Advisor

Klaudia Ivancic.png

Klaudia Ivancic

Board Advisor

Anna Samson.png

Anna Samson

Board Advisor

Ambassador Teams

Our Management &
Executive Teams

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