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Take a Pain Check's community is all around the world which is why we aim to have events that surpass borders and engage as many youth living with rheumatic diseases as we can! Check out events we have done thus far!

Light It Blue Campaign


What is WORD Day?

World yOung Rheumatic Diseases Day is an annual event that takes place on the 18th of March. WORD Day also includes several social media campaigns including the patient voice, patient organizations and charities, promotional and educational videos and much more. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness so that pediatric rheumatic diseases are diagnosed at a quicker rate.

For this World Young Rheumatic Disease Day (WORD Day), Take a Pain Check Foundation is going big!

On Saturday, March 18, 2023, we lit up landmarks across the globe Blue for World Young Rheumatic Disease Day (WORD Day). A total of 24 landmarks lit up blue to raise awareness and demonstrate solidarity for young people affected by rheumatic diseases.


Rheum for Your Mind

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On day one, youth and young adults have the opportunity to discover the latest insights and become experts on their own mental health and rheumatic diseases. learning valuable tools. Dr. Andrea Knight will share the latest research and clinical findings about the impact of rheumatic diseases on youth and young adults. Dr. Katie Birnie will share their knowledge and valuable tools about behaviour and pain. Patients will have the chance to engage in interactive art-focused exercises that encourage self-expression and identify coping strategies.

During day two, both youth and young adults and parents have the opportunity to further explore managing mental health. Social worker Pamela Jarvis will provide insights on options, opportunities and methods to help navigate getting help. After her presentation, there will be an interactive panel where experiences and perspectives will be shared by young adults with lived experience (Navya Juneja, Brookie Zarb), an adult with lived experience (Amanda Swartz) and a parent of a child living with a rare rheumatic disease (Chris Kinchlea). You will have the opportunity to ask the panelists questions. At the end of day two, you will participate in a dynamic workshop activity hackathon style where you can meet new people, work together to solve problems related to rheumatic diseases, and receive a virtual swag bag filled with helpful resources, including a digital journal.

These workshops are part of our Make Rheum for Youth project, we’re excited to introduce Rheum for Your Mind and hope you can attend and learn with us.

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Instagram Live Stream

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Mind, Body, Bluetooth

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Beauty Basics with Ravia

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Exploring Self-Advocacy in Juvenile Arthritis


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Merchandise Design

Want to get in touch with your artistic side? Are you looking for a fun way to support Take a Pain Check? Join us on Saturday, January 28th 2023 from 12 pm- 1:30 pm EST for Take a Pain Check’s first ever virtual merchandise design competition fundraiser! 

This event is open to anyone in the world! The base ticket price is $3 CAD, which includes admission, and a raffle entry. There is also an option to purchase a higher value ticket to support us as you see fit. All proceeds will go towards expanding the outreach of our organization and helping us to continue to support youth and young adults with chronic illnesses.


First place - Your design will be added to Take a Pain Check’s merchandise shop, so other people in the community can buy and wear your design! Not only that, a hoodie with your design will be brought to life and shipped to your door**.

Second place -  a $25 Amazon gift card, and your design featured on our social media.

Third place - a $10 Amazon gift card, and your design featured on our social media.

First Place: Gauri

Second Place: Lily

Third Place: Imran

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