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Take a Pain Check Is an official resource on the UCAN CAN-DU app!

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Published by The Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance, Take a Pain Check Foundation and The Choice Reseach Lab 


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Take a Pain Check featured in SickKids Hospital's News Rheum

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Watch our episode in conversation with the Sickboy podcast!

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What it's like to be diagnosed with arthritis at 13

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Watch our CBC produced documentary here!

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TAPC on CBC Ottawa Morning

Published by: CBC Ottawa Morning

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What it's like to be diagnosed with arthritis at 13

Published by: UCan Can-Du

Markham teen’s viral TikTok podcasts describe life with arthritis

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Take a Pain Check - Creating a Community for Youth with Arthritis

Published by: Arthritis Research Canada

Bullying and Arthritis: We Need to Talk About It

Published by: Arthritis Research Canada

“Our Arthritis May Be Chronic but We Are Definitely Iconic” 

Published by: The American College of Rheumatology

Making History With the UPLiFT Conference: We're Off to a Great Start!

2021 Youth Leader Award

New York Fashion Week Video

Tumbler and Tipsy by Michael Kuluva
Spring/Summer 2022 Collection Ft. Natasha T

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