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Take a Pain Check is excited to release an official TAPC Loyalty Program to their community.

The purpose of this is to have members of the community have some fun and engage in meaningful and rewarding initiatives.

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Alli Buchanan joins host, Natasha, on this week’s episode on Take a Pain Check to discuss her diagnosis with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA). Alli’s starts by talking about her diagnosis journey and how it took her 10 years to get diagnosed. Physicians were aware of Alli’s family history with PsA but did not take that into account when her symptoms progressed. Because of Alli’s mom’s experience with PsA, Alli discusses how her mom was her biggest advocate as she spent a lot of time reliving her own journey. The conversation dives into the importance of talking about arthritis and its lack of representation in the science curriculum. Not only that, Alli talks about the medications she went on and how this led her to develop Toxic Shock Syndrome. She discusses that a medication that may work today, but it may not work tomorrow. She talks about her accommodations ,such as having transportation and picking her university courses before other people. Additionally, Alli mentions how she balances her social life, academics and arthritis while going to college and how her friends have been able to support her. Finally, they end off the episode by talking about Alli’s arthritis Instagram page and a recent quiz she made to see how much her friends knew about her arthritis.


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