Episode 1 - The Beginning

Natasha Trehan and Trish Peters talk about their journey with JIA. They discuss the hurdles along the way, their diagnosis story and what inspired them to advocate for others. This was the start of a new beginning for both of them.

Episode 2 - The Rheumour Mill

Manahil, the co-founder of Rheumours, comes on to talk about advocacy, research, working out and accommodations.

Episode 4 - I Have Arthritis And It's So Much Fun

Maggie also known as Arthritis Kid, comes on our fun weekly podcast to talk about music as a form of escapism, a viral TikTok, arthritis camp and being confident with juvenile arthritis

Episode 5 - Growing Up with JIA

This week we have Julie Beausoleil, a mental health advocate, on our podcast to talk about JIA as the only thing she ever knew, mental health, medications, and we end off with some laughter.

Episode 6 - Skating With A Jinx

This week's guest is speed skater Bethany Mckinley-Young. Having suffered from JIA since the age of 13, speed skating at the national level and the Canadian Games, she joins us to talk about being an athlete with a chronic disease.

Episode 10 - The 20th Anniversary

This week we have Laura Trenton come on our podcast to talk about her journey with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA), Art in Motion, Runanthropic and being a high school teacher. We feature a few questions from our followers as well!

Episode 34- Toddling Into A Charity

Have you heard of Cassie and Friends? Do you know the face behind Cassie and Friends? Cassie? Well, Take a Pain Check explores Cassie and her life in today’s episode. We discuss more of the social aspects of living with a rheumatic disease. When is it the right time to tell your friends about your chronic illness? The conversations heads into what it’s like living with arthritis but also being diagnosed with celiac disease. We also talk about dance and the modifications she had to make during practice and on stage. Stay tuned for our game with Cassie on Instagram this week!

Episode 13 - Stronger Than JIA

Sarah Fischer, a teen with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, joins us for a conversation about her swimming career with a disease, her JRA warrior platform and a genetic component. Not only that, we compare the Canadian and American resources when it comes to rheumatology in our experiences.

Episode 14- Snowy Pains

Take a Pain Check stars Spencer O’Brien on this week’s episode. Being in the olympics while managing a disease, additional injuries and surgeries that come with this career, and the differentiation between what is arthritis and what isn’t are all topics that are discussed. We end off with a cute game. Stay tuned till the end to watch it all!

Episode 29 - They Thought I Stole The Handicap Pass

Take a Pain Check stars Effie K from Chicago, the founder of the growing platform, Rising Above RA. We talk about the basics, diagnosis life and story but things starting getting more interesting as the episode progresses. Want to know why they thought the handicap pass was stolen? The police showed up? Stream the full episode now!

Episode 37- I Was An Empty Shell Running On Fumes

No one knows you better than you, so why let someone else talk for you?” quotes Kasey Bouslaugh, an arthritis advocate from Kansas City. This week Kasey joins our host Natasha on the podcast. We start off with the basics: her story of being undiagnosed for 7 years. Then she opens up about her mental health experiences throughout her arthritis journey. The conversation moves to middle school, when she got bullied, forcing her to put on a brave face. Kasey and Natasha discuss the difference between the Canadian and American health care system, specifically, doctor appointments, labs, and medication. Throughout all of this, Kasey still remains positive and involved in advocacy initiatives such as PR-COIN, PR-COIN PAT, and the Arthritis Foundation, in which she advocates for patients and shares awareness of JIA.

Episode 38 - Makeup With A Flare Up

This week on Take a Pain Check, we welcome Ravia Khangura who joins our host Natasha to talk about her journey living with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Ravia starts off by explaining how she initially spent weeks in the hospital to get her diagnosis. Growing up, Ravia studied and became a pharmacy technician. However, once we dive deeper into her life, she reveals that she switched her careers to pursue her passion for makeup. Ravia is now a MAC makeup artist, and she shares her workplace accommodations and answers the big question “how and when did you tell your boss you have arthritis?” The episode ends off, with a segment on her elimination process for food, lifestyle changes, the developed love for guided meditation and mindfulness.

Episode 40 - The Chronicles of Arthritis

In honour of Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month, Morgan Harris comes on Take a Pain Check to talk about her story with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Diagnosed at 8 years old, Morgan discusses how she didn’t know what was happening to her body, let alone even trying to explain the concept to her friends. At 13, Morgan underwent a period of remission. Unfortunately, the arthritis came back. Morgan and Natasha discuss their experiences and preferences on pills vs injections, their support systems and some pain management strategies. The roles swap for a second where Morgan asks Natasha how she went from telling 1 person in high school about her arthritis to now running this whole podcast. Not only that, they discuss all things transition and Morgan’s experience at a transition clinic in Toronto, Canada. Lastly, they dive deep into the Patient and Community Engagement Research (PaCER) program where Morgan and Natasha conducted research alongside other young adults living with arthritis on patients with arthritis.

Episode 41- Kicking Arthritis in the Butt

In honour of Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month, our second special guest of the month - Alejandra Van Dusen comes on Take a Pain Check to talk about her story with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis alongside Ulcerative Colitis. Diagnosed at 2 years old with JIA, Alejandra talks about childhood memories of being at the hospital and soon realizing that it’s okay to be different. Her symptoms went from her hands to elbows and at 12 years old jaw complications arose. Alejandra explains her experience for jaw surgery and what it felt like waking up and not being able to open her month. Alejandra and Natasha bond about having brothers, gym class exceptions, technology and more. Lastly, they dive deep into the Patient and Community Engagement Research (PaCER) program where Alejandra and Natasha conducted research alongside other young adults living with arthritis on patients with arthritis.

Episode 42- Clipping Through Education

This week’s episode features Savannah Lohnes - a second year university student from Windsor living with Juvenile Arthritis. Savannah starts off by remembering the time when she woke up bed ridden; she couldn’t get out of bed. Previously, her dad was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and to no surprise, Savannah was diagnosed with JA and then later Hemochromatosis. Natasha and Savannah both bond over being diagnosed with the same condition at 13, thinking it’s due to a sports injury, being high achievers in school and what that actually came to be. Savannah played competitive soccer all her life but had to stop when she was diagnosed. However, Savannah still incorporated her love for sports in a less rigorous way - recreationally. The conversation continues to go through the school timeline and the differences accommodations were like from elementary school to high school and finally now to university. Finally, they end off the episode talking about Savannah’s initiative, Clips 4 a Cause. Using her love for arts and crafts, she creates resin-based clips and donates a portion of the proceeds to charity.


Episode 9 - Chronic Eileen

Today, Eileen Davison gives us insight on her rheumatoid arthritis journey, being a single mother, her blog, and elaborates on her lifestyle changes.

Episode 12 - Stylish Soreness

American Fashion Designer, Michael Kuluva comes on Take a Pain Check this week to talk about schooling, his fashion label, how it felt to have Kendall Jenner on the runway, professional skating for Disney on Ice and his rheumatoid arthritis journey.

Episode 35 - I Research The Hall Of Fame For Highest Inflammation Marker

“I felt a metallic blood taste coming from my mouth, then my nose, then my eyes. The girl beside me yelled.” This was one of the many situations Jodie Shea was going through in college. This week, Natasha talks to Jodie, a young woman living RA, about what it’s like to enter this world with a chronic illness. The conversation starts off with transitioning at 23 years old and leads into how the media portrays sickness as “acute and goes away”. This inspirational Clinical Research Coordinator at IQVIA gives tips on how to be honest with the people in your life, as well as tools to get back to a healthier version of yourself. The discussion progresses to using humour as a coping mechanism. And finally, don’t forget to kiss your wrists hello and goodbye because as Jodie quotes “they are doing you favours.”

Episode 33 - What It's Like To Be An Adult At 16

This week, Take a Pain Check converses with Kayla Mozill, a university student at Dalhousie living with rheumatoid arthritis. We dive into true university life of exams, accommodations, note taking and study strategies while living with a chronic illness. Interestingly, Kayla never received pediatric care and her first rheumatologist appointment was one that she had to attend solo. To wrap it all up, we share and bond about our joint injection experiences.

Episode 26 - Arthritis Life

This week we have Cheryl Crow come onto our podcast to discuss her diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, the platform she’s created called Arthritis Life, as well as medical gaslighting. In the middle of our conversation, we dive deep into methotrexate and pregnancy. Not only that, we talk about acceptance and commitment therapy, some life hacks that she loves to share with others as well as the importance of mental health.

Episode 31 - Avengers: Age of Remission

This week on Take a Pain Check, Alexandra DiGiacomo, comes onto the podcast to talk about her international knee draining experience. We dive deep into Ali's passions when it comes to script writing, acting, and being a casting assistant for several popular movies. Not only that, Alexandra shares more about her fitness page, workout modifications and training to go into the junior Olympics! Take a Pain Check's game show host, Brianne, also facilitates a game with the host and guest. Make sure to check it out tomorrow on IG TV so see who wins!

Episode 21 - The Oily Spoonie

To start off season 3, we have Julie Bastarache talk to us about her incredible work advocating on social media. As well as her journey to being diagnosed with RA while living in a separate province (state) from her own family, having to change career paths due to her diagnosis and having to learn how to advocate for herself. To end off we play a game of arthritis Would you Rather!

Episode 44 - Gracefully Jen

Take a Pain Check’s Mother’s Day special features Jenni Weaver, a mom of 3 kids, that comes on the podcast this week to discuss her diagnosis with rheumatoid arthritis and pustular psoriasis. The discussion starts off with the basics, specifically talking about Jenni’s original symptoms that led to a diagnosis after several years. Natasha and Jenni discuss the set backs in terms of communication in health care, focusing on the struggle of getting a copy of blood test results. The conversation continues with Jenni explaining how she went switched to different rheumatologists and was finally able to find the medication that didn’t cause several allergic reactions. Jenni and Natasha discuss the importance of having someone else advocate for them at appointments. The episode progresses to Jenni providing her tips and tricks on how to manage her disease and parenting with her kids. Finally, they end off the podcast episode talking about the power of social media and online advocacy.

Episode 39- Accidentally On Purpose: How Pregnancy Changed My Life

Carrie Zamudio joins our host Natasha this week on Take a Pain a Check to discuss her journey with rheumatoid arthritis. Her story starts off with a long period of time in which she was not being treated and then finally getting diagnosed during the pandemic. We discuss all things arthritis, including bone deformity, her medication journey prior to pregnancy and the fears of afterbirth with rheumatoid arthritis. Carrie now has a newborn daughter. But, flashback to October, she was 5 months pregnant when this conversation happened. Some major questions brought discussed the possibility of remission during pregnancy and if a baby is really healing you internally? Throughout Carrie’s life, she gave up the party life and fashion trends, such as heels and much more. The conversation ends off with the importance of mental health, well-being, lifestyle changes, and being in a good emotional state.

Episode 45 - Pick me. Choose me. Love me.

On this week’s episode, Aleina Margos joins Natasha to discuss her journey with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA). Being diagnosed during the pandemic, Aleina starts off the episode by elaborating on her rheumatoid arthritis, including symptoms, topicals and pill medications that she was prescribed at first. Aleina and Natasha discuss the affects of their medication, like discolouration and how they abstain from scratching the skin. Aleina elaborates about her diagnosis period and how she received a lack of support from her best friend of 4 years. During such a vulnerable time, her friend made Aleina’s story more about her; she started to fake the symptoms that Aleina had in order to focus the attention on herself. The conversation progresses onto the bonding of costochondritis, as well as the confusion and struggle a patient experiences when they start experiencing other pains that might not actually be arthritis. Finally, Aleina and Natasha shine light on the power of community via social media. Aleina expands on her own Instagram page, as well as her involvement in Patients Rising and being a TAPC ambassador.


Episode 8 - Twin Telepathy

Have you ever met twins with the same chronic disease? This week we have Makayla and Carly Fox come on our podcast to talk about Ankylosing spondylitis, Make a Wish Foundation, moving out and living their lives with JIA.

Episode 22 - Skateboarding into a Diagnosis

Today, we have Spencer Hamilton talk about his story of being diagnosed in years, being a pro skateboarder and changing his lifestyle to one that suits his needs. Spencer talks about how he managed to remain a pro skateboarder even though his ankylosing spondylitis diagnosis took quite a while to diagnose.


Episode 32 - The Apple That Couldn't Have Fallen Closer To The Tree

Kristen joins Take a Pain Check this week for a conversation about the impact of therapy and behaviour. Kristen was lucky with her diagnosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sjogren's, surprising right? The discussion leads into the topic of friends and family support and jumps right into answering the big question of "how do we as a patient make the right decision for our medications?". Well you might be able to figure that out, if you stay tuned until the end of the episode!

Episode 19 - Chronic Genie

We got the pleasure to interview Ingrid He this week on Take a Pain Check. We cover an abundance of interesting topics such as the struggle to obtain a diagnosis of Sjogren's Syndrome and this rheumatic disease once thought as a mental illness from several doctors. Throughout this episode, we learn about advocacy. Join us as we learn about the app Ingrid created to help herself and others suffering from Sjogren’s and other chronic illnesses!


Episode 32 - How To Run A Business When Your Body Is On Fire

Chaufa Nguyen comes onto Take a Pain Check to talk about living life with Lupus while being entrepreneur. We discuss trauma culturally, dealing with a diagnosis by yourself, and developing a positive mindset. We end off with an advice segment that ends up being very inspirational.

Episode 24 - Pretty In Pain

Megan Green, the founder of takinpain2pretty, joins the weekly conversation with some very interesting experiences with her diagnosis. We talk about comfort care, the importance of our hair and nails as well as advocating for beauty.

Episode 18 - Accessibili-tea

This week we have Jalesa Martin come on our podcast to talk about her diagnosis with lupus that led to other chronic illnesses. Not only that, she shares her medication journey, knee replacement and the fears she has for the future. Jalesa ends off with showing us her advocacy work at university, her podcast and the articles she writes to convey her battles.


On this week’s episode, Natasha and Katie converse about what it’s like to live with Scleroderma and Raynaud's. Her diagnosis story went from rheumatologists thinking she was making up her symptoms, to Katie now being under remission. Katie is also a registered nurse who is passionate women’s health. She believes that her story has helped her become a more understanding nurse to her patients. Additionally, the conversation covers Katie’s life as a high school student on a dance team, the psychological aspect of giving yourself a needle and discusses grip strength tips. Stay tuned for our exciting podcast game on our Instagram this week!