Episode 3 - The Story Behind Cassie and Friends

David Porte, the Chair of Cassie and Friends, comes on our weekly podcast to give us the parent perspective, the behind the scenes of his charity organization and information about support out there. He is a dad of a daughter who lives with JIA.

Episode 30 - Mom's Guide On Sick Kid Parenting

This week on Take a Pain Check, the host interviews Marissa Sangers. She is a parent to an 8 year old girl, Charlotte, who lives with Juvenile Arthritis. We discuss the interesting visit to a plastic surgeon, the parent perspective, and the adjustment of parenting skills. Not only that, we talk about going down the rabbit hole in internet searching.

Episode 17: Part 1 - Becoming Besties

Take a Pain Check hosts part 1 of friendship edition week! Today, we have a fun and serious conversation with Brianne Chou about friendships and arthritis. We explore school, accommodating friends with a disease and learning about what they go through on a daily basis.

Episode 17: Part 2 - From Strangers to Friends

Rahul Vivekanandan, a close friend of Natasha, comes on our podcast Take a Pain Check. We talk about how their friendship started, the accommodations made in the friendship whether it’d be at hanging out at a friend’s house or at school, and finally how they both support each other regardless of the situation. We end off with a game and some valuable advice to takeaway!

Episode 7 - Rheulationship

Jordan Colangelo comes on our weekly podcast to talk about what it is like to be in a relationship with someone that has a rheumatic disease. His JIA knowledge is also tested and he might actually be more knowledgeable than we thought!