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About Us

Take a Pain Check was launched as a podcast in March 2021. Soon after, Natasha Trehan built a community and Take a Pain Check became Take a Pain Check Foundation in October 2021. Take a Pain Check Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to the mission and vision of supporting youth and young adults with rheumatic diseases through social media, initiatives, advocacy, and raising awareness. Natasha hosts podcasts every other Sunday with guests engaging them in conversations about their chronic illness, their relationships, accomplishments, lifestyle, and much more. Guest speakers range from those living with rheumatic diseases, parents, friends, researchers, health professionals, and individuals who are making a difference in the rheumatic community. Take a Pain Check is currently changing the lives of individuals impacted with rheumatic diseases by creating a safe community. The goal is to empower youth to advocate for themselves, and to create a place where they feel understood.

Our Mission:  Take a Pain Check’s aims to empower youth and young adults impacted by rheumatic disease to advocate for themselves and to create a supportive, safe, and inclusive community where individuals feel understood.

Our Vision: Through this youth led initiative our vision is that all youth and young adults feel supported in their journey with rheumatic illness.


Natasha's Story 

Natasha Trehan is a university student in the Biomedical Sciences Program in the French Immersion Stream at the University of Ottawa. She was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis at the age of 13. As a teenager, she felt alone and was unable to find the instant resources to connect with other people with similar lived experiences. After joining a support group 2 years into her journey and tons of discussion with other youth as well as the similarities of topics that were never shed light on, The Take a Pain Check Podcast was founded in March 2021 to ensure that young patients feel supported in every step of the way.

Throughout her journey, she has developed a lot of resilience and also learned to advocate for not only for herself but others. She has learned that research, innovation, support and connection is vital.

During the pandemic, she decided to dedicate her summer to get involved with research so she could truly learn about my own invisible disability and help others. She is involved in multiple research studies and projects to help researchers across Canada with their work. Currently, she is in the COVID-END team with the McMaster University Health Forum and a Co-investigator for Youth engagement at CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research. She is also a trained patient researcher through the PaCER Training Program through the University of Calgary Continuing Education. With being a patient and obtaining research experience, her aim is to create a platform for youth living with arthritis and other rheumatic diseases, to raise awareness about support groups, and make a meaningful impact on the community. She aspires to pursue a career in the healthcare field. She started this organization to make sure that no one else with an autoimmune condition has to go through this tough journey alone. She is super excited to continue on this journey with her amazing team and medical advisory board!

Meet the Team

Our amazing volunteers that work behind the scenes to keep the podcast and organization running smoothly!


Brianne Chou

Director of Operations 


Matthew Sholdice

Outreach Coordinator

IMG_8373 - Alejandra Van Dusen (1).png

Alejandra Van Dusen

Outreach Coordinator

IMG-1850 (1).jpg

Isabelle Jackson

Marketing Coordinator


Nicole Rogers

Markeeting Coordinator

Cool Headshot - Jesus Dominguez Castaneda.jpg

Jesus Dominguez

Finance Coordinator


Ishan Verma

Finance Volunteer

8EB78FF8-D095-40A6-AE90-BEC7CD81A4DE - Gabby.jpeg

Gabriella Shim

Content Writer

IMG_0979 2.jpg

Nikhil Trehan

Partnerships Coordinator

Our Partners

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Meet the Medical Advisory Board

Find a TAPC Representative near you to get more information.

appleton_tapc - Tom Appleton.jpg

Dr. Tom Appleton

Adult Rheumatologist

Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 3_37_47 PM.png

Laurie Proulx

CAPA Vice President 


Dr. Elizabeth Stringer

Pediatric Rheumatologist

image (1).png

Dr. Karine Toupin April

Occupational Therapist, Scientist, Researcher

Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 12_54_33 PM.png

Dr. Meghan Ryan

Pediatric Rheumatologist

AllisonReidHeadshot_013 - Allison Reid.jpg

Dr. Allison Reid


Meet the Health Care Professional Ambassadors

Find a TAPC representative near you to get more information.

Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 10_06_edited.jpg

Dr. Monica Shah

Director of Operations 

IMG_0006[2] - Melissa Mannion_edited.jpg

Dr. Melissa Mannion

Pediatric Rheumatologist at the University of Alabama in Birmingham and Children's of Alabama


Dr. Natalia Trehan

Oral Medicine Resident at The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

headshot - Pamela Jarvis.jpg

Pamela Jarvis

Social Service Worker, The Arthritis Society

62DBC17C-2E5A-44CE-AF77-B9BD07FB9C4A - Sakshi Agarwal.jpeg

Dr. Sakshi Agarwal 

Family Medicine Resident at Grand Strand Medical Center, South Carolina

Meet our Youth and Young Adult Ambassadors

Our amazing volunteers help with content creation, spreading awareness and more!


Klaudia Ivancic

IMG_2566 - Johana Medina.jpg

Johana Medina

2FB36289-C6C8-4AE6-AE52-DB8E1052BEAE - Anna Samson.jpeg

Anna Samson

Brookie Zarb.JPG

Brookie Zarb

CDD691DF-6D85-47C6-945C-3C0B0136010F - Rusu Alexandra.jpeg

Alexandra Rusu

IMG_0803 (1).jpg

Megan Perdue

EB87FE2C-FEBC-4C36-809F-E1085A7C1AA7_L0_001-2023-05-18, 12_37_50 AM.jpg

Morgane Hanley

7F275E6C-EDE7-4906-92B5-7BF51C53A5F5_L0_001-2023-05-18, 12_38_21 AM.jpg

Ella Swetlishoff


Navya Juneja


Aubrey Mills

Our Community

Volunteers who continue to support us and raise awareness in the community!

Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 3_35_37 PM.png

Dr. Mark Matsos

Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 3_43_11 PM.png

Julie Herrington


Melanie Cabral

Where in The World is TAPC?

Check out where our team is located on the map below!

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